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Hi, I'm Arend Jan My name is Arend Jan Niessink (a.k.a. Lucky). I was born January 16, 1945 in Enschede. This is a city in the middle east of The Netherlands near the German frontier. (For more information about my family name visit the website of Gerrit Jan Niessink.) My appartment in Amsterdam

Nowadays I live in Amsterdam, the capitol of The Netherlands. I'm married to Mei Lie. She's from China and was born in Shanghai. We live together with our two cats, named Adelaide (female) and Sydney (male).

From my first marriage I've two children, a son named Theo (1975) and a daughter named Yvonne (1978). Theo (a.k.a. Tale) lives in Schagen, The Netherlands together with his pet rats. Currently he is still single.

Yvonne lives in Schagen too, together with her husband Martijn (1977), their son Job (2006), their daughter Jill (2010) and their cat Rebel (female).

My granddaughter JillMy grandson Job

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