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I like to listen all kinds of music, such as: rock'n'roll, jazz, blues, Americana, country, bluegrass, folk, Cajun music, zydeco and some Dutch Cabaret.

You probably have already noticed that I'm a big fan of Bob Dylan. Some of my other favourite singers and musicians are:

Tale/Theo Niessink
Jeff Chaz
Bryan Lee
Hans Theessink

Townes van Zandt
Johnny Cash
Hank Williams

Click here for Bob Dylan Live 1975 wallpaper
Live 1975 wallpaper

Loudon Wainwright III

Tom Paxton

Mary Gauthier

Buddy Miller
Bob Dylan.de

To share with you some of my favourite songs, you can download the following MP3 files:

  •  Forever Young Play (stream)  Bob Dylan
  •  The Lonesome River Play (stream)  Bob Dylan & Ralph Stanley
  •  When I Paint My Masterpiece Play (stream)  Bob Dylan
  •  Father Death Blues Play (stream)  Allen Ginsberg
  •  South African Girl Play (stream)  Henk Gansekoele, "Lucky" Arend Jan Niessink & Tale/Theo Niessink
  •  Twelve Black Swans Play (stream)  Tale/Theo Niessink feat. "Lucky" Arend Jan Niessink

Click here to listen to Bob Harris Country on BBC Radio 2.

Visit my YouTube channel to see all my favourite (music) videos.

Blaze Foley
Grand Ole Opry
Mulligans Irish Music Bar
Bourbon Street Amsterdam Blues Club
Bluescafe Maloe Melo
The World Famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge
The Station Inn
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